General  Information:

  • Use the best locks possible to protect your valuables.
  • Remember to give at least 10 days written notice before you plan to move out. This is required by the contract you sign.
  • Don’t store prohibited items such as tires, food, or flammable items. Check your contract or talk to our staff for a complete list.
  • Your property could be sold at a public auction if you stop paying rent on your unit. Texas Property Code Chapter 59 dictates the state’s rules for self-storage operators.
  • Keep a copy of your written rental agreement, which contains the rules and regulations of A-Affordable Storage. If you have any questions, be sure to ask our friendly staff!


  • Have all packing supplies and material available at arms-length before you begin – this includes boxes, packing tape, markers, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, mattress/furniture covers, etc.
  • Clearly label all boxes with the contents – label the top, as well as the sides, of the box, and be sure to list which room the box goes in. Keep an inventory list of each item in each box.
  • Tightly seal all boxes with packing tape.
  • Don’t pack boxes too heavy; don’t pack more than you can lift. But do fill the boxes to capacity. Partially full or bulging boxes may collapse and/or tip over. Fill any empty spaces in boxes with paper for extra stability.
  • Pack books flat to protect the spine, and distribute books in different boxes to make them easier/lighter to move.
  • Carefully wrap each breakable and/or fragile item individually. Consider using linens, dish towels, etc. to wrap fragile items. Be sure to label boxes containing these items as “FRAGILE.”
  • Place mirrors and pictures in specially designed mirror boxes. Consider wrapping them in blankets, towels, etc. for extra padding.
  • Take advantage of all extra storage space– use all drawers possible in dressers, tables, etc. – this includes the using the refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, etc. for storage as well!
  • An easy rule to remember is: large in back, small in front, heavy on bottom, light on top. Move the tallest and largest items in first and put them at the back.
  • Disassemble furniture if possible; store the screws, fasteners, nuts and bolts (along with television remote control devices) in plastic bags and tape to the back or underside of the item.
  • Clean all items and make sure they are free of food and other perishables.
  • Place loose, light plastic dust covers or sheets over furniture. Cover all mattresses.
  • Drain any equipment of fluids to prevent corrosion. Leave refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar.
  • Put pallets or a grid of 2 x 3’s on your unit floor to give better circulation.
  • Place frequently accessed items towards the front of your unit.
  • Leave enough space to walk through your unit and access items at the back; typically you’ll want to leave an aisle in the center of your unit.
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